Inject powerful math interaction into your learning environment

Our widgets handle student input, formative support and scoring. They are the building blocks that make your math questions interactive. Click on an interaction type to see it in action or solve an exercise yourself!
Interaction types

Multistep Derivation
The best-known (and for many students the most difficult) activity of mathematics, is the step by step rewriting of mathematical expressions. AlgebraKiT evaluates every intermediate step and supports with hints and feedback, regardless of the solution strategy chosen by the student.
> See MultiStep Derivation in action.
Inline Math
For questions that do not require extensive derivations, we offer a widget that can be used inline with the surrounding text. Do not mistake its tiny dimensions for insignificance. It features the same formula editor, formative feedback and automatic scoring as the Multistep Derivation.
> See Inline Math in action.
Math Table
Tables are used frequently to analyse relations, to prepare graphs or to just organize expressions. AlgebraKiT evaluates the input against the underlying relations, which allows for automatic hints and error analysis.
> See Math Table in action.
Arithmetic Notebook
An advanced widget for context-rich arithmetic exercises. Designed for exercises that require the student to translate a 'practical' situation into a mathematical problem, solve the problem and interpret the result.
This interaction features step-by-step evaluation, hints and feedback and a progress indicator. Also a ratio table is included.
> See Arithmetic Notebook in action.
Multiple Choice
The well-known question type, extended with randomization and display mathematical content as formulae and graphs.
> See Multiple Choice in action.
Open Math Answer
A widget for questions that require an answer in natural language, often mixed with mathematical expressions. Although automatic evaluation is not possible, it features a convenient formula editor to be able to handle the question entirely from the online learning environment.
Long Arithmetic
A widget for solving arithmetic problems in primary education, much like pen and paper. The question type supports various types of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Division will follow soon.
> See Long Arithmetic in action.
Presentation widgets

AlgebraKiT also offers some widgets to display mathematical concepts.
Multistep Derivation View
A worked-out solution of a Multistep Derivation, generated automatically by AlgebraKiT. The user can hover or click the steps to see more detailed information.
Graph View
A graph generated from its defining formula and domain. A proper choice of axis ranges and ticks is made automatically by AlgebraKiT. Use this graph for example to offer randomized exercises, showing a different graph each time.
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